Westland Wonderland Helimax Movie

Your Questions Answered (and cancellation policy)

What are the Child prices?

$15 per Adult is the standard charge. Children 4yrs to 14yrs are charged $10 per Child and prices are valid to 30 September 2024. Infants under 4 years will be free however it is recommended to have ear protection for your infant/s due to some scenes having a louder volume from time to time as the movie progresses.

How big is the movie screen?

  • The HELIMAX screen is approximately 14 metres wide and 6 metres high, and provides and incredible cinemascope experience we call “HELIMAX”

How long is the Westland Wonderland movie?

  • The WESTLAND WONDERLAND HELIMAX movie is 40 minutes duration

How many seats are in the theatre?

  • There are 60 permanent seats and 20 moveable seats in the theatre allowing up to 80 people at one time

Do you screen Hollywood blockbuster movies?

  • We do not screen Hollywood blockbuster movies on a regular scheduled basis. The theatre has been especially built for the WESTLAND WONDERLAND HELIMAX movie, however from time to time we may show some of the more popular Hollywood movies. We advertise these when we have them or you can call us to check.

Is there disabled access into the theatre?

  • Yes, there is space in front for up to 8 people in wheelchairs or mobility devices. We can place a row of moveable seats at the front on the flat floor in front of the existing tiered seating

Are there steps?

  • From our open foyer, and through into the theatre is a completely flat floor. Although we have 60 permanently positioned seats that are tiered and accessed via steps, there is space along the front floor for mobility impaired cinema goers where we can also place our moveable seats when required

Do you sell popcorn and other Cinema style food or drinks?

  • No, we do not sell any food or drink. These can be purchased from our local Four Square supermarket directly across the street

What sort of sound is there?

  • We have 5.1 digital surround sound setup inside the theatre (not a lot different to any regular city Cinema)


  • We reserve the right to cancel reservations and/or movie screenings should unforeseen circumstances cause the Cinema / Projection System to fail (ie during a power cut)
  • When unforeseen circumstances cause one or more screenings to be cancelled either partly or fully cancelled for the day a following day screening time may be offered if there is an expectation the projector system / theatre operations will be ready and operating the following day. If clients are unable to stay overnight to the following morning we will cancel any bookings and NO amount will be processed against any credit card details supplied or invoiced to the supplier when the cancellation is out of the ticket purchases control due to theatre shut down.
  • HOWEVER, when card details have been supplied or vouchered bookings have been made we will assume a confirmed reservation has been made and the appropriate charges will be processed at check in time, up to 30 minutes before screening times when regular timed screenings are operational.
  • If clients will be unable to make it to the session booked we must know in advance for clients to avoid cancellation fees. Reservations may be cancelled up to 12 hours before departure and avoid any cancellation fees. Less than 12 hours notice the total fare will be forfeited and should clients fail to check in by departure time the full amount will be charged either to credit card details supplied or via invoice to the wholesaler or retailer.
  • Cancellations within the last 24 hours must be made by telephone - within New Zealand Freephone 0800 800 793, outside of New Zealand +64 3 752 0793.
  • Screening times and screening days are ongoing and may be scheduled differently during quiet periods or when private screening / theatre hires are operating. All attempts will be made to ensure pre-booked tickets for sessions are upheld.