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A passion for hunting, fishing, and the outdoors

The HeliServices.NZ team are passionate about hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. Many of our pilots, ground crew, and guides have local hunting and fishing experience and are happy to share their knowledge with you.

HeliServices.NZ can fly you to remote and spectacular locations in New Zealand’s South Island to fish from our pristine rivers and coastlines and hunt the various introduced species that are found here, such as Himalayan Tahr, Chamois and Red Deer. We specialise in hunter transport into the Wanganui Catchment (Westland), Whataroa River and Perth River, Haast (and including all areas in between - Paringa, Jacobs River, and the Landsborough valley). We are registered as a suitable and qualified concessionaire with the Department of Conservation with concessions to land at remote sites in South Westland including sites opened during the Tahr ballot hunting blocks (eg. Mount Adams, Haast, Cascade and Landsborough valley).

We utilise one of the most versatile helicopters for this kind of work, the Hughes 500D. We have aircraft staged at specific locations throughout South Westland allowing us to offer the most competitive pricing.

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NZ west coast hunting and fishing

Customised trips to suit your needs and requirements

We customise every trip to suit your needs and requirements, and also offer guided trips from our Haast base, Franz Josef base, Fox Glacier Base, Whataroa Base and Karangarua Base. If you’re a keen angler, we can land you in some of the best trout fishing spots in New Zealand’s South Island, or you could spend a morning or evening heli-fishing some of our remote beaches.

For hunters, the West Coast of the South Island is renowned for its abundance of Himalayan Tahr, Red Deer, and Chamois and the best access into the alpine areas of the West Coast and the Southern Alps is by helicopter.

As a Department of Conservation concessionaire we have access to all South Westland areas available to hunt, including Tahr block and ROAR block sites during each annual open period and offer competitive pricing. We can offer various times throughout the day with aircraft based at several strageic locations up and down South Westland. This  allows for the greater flexibility where others operate a single aircraft to cover all areas. Whether you are arriving directly off the Picton Ferry to get to a hunting site or flying into Christchurch or Hokitika and grabbing a rental or meeting friends and driving to us you don't want to muck around sourcing accommodation when you can fly straight into your site (subject to weather conditions of course).

Including the Haast region with a temperate climate so hunting is available all year round from our Haast flight office. With an abundance of camping huts available, you can spend a day, a week, or longer hunting and fishing in the spectacular regions of the South Island.

Several DOC huts in the Whataroa River and Perth River catchments are available for hunters to utilise such as Butler Junction Hut and Top Butler Hut, Whymper Hut, Nolans Hut, Scone Hut.

Huts are available to book through the Department of Conservation (DOC), and we have satellite communication devices available for hire. Learn more about the species in our area and enquire about your next hunting/fishing trip.

Our knowledge and expertise is second to none when it comes to hunting in South Westland. We know the terrain, we have the experience to make your next hunting trip a great success.

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Please note: HeliServices.NZ supports and promotes safe and lawful hunting practices and we work with DOC to ensure that all regulations and laws are complied with. You require one or more permits to hunt in New Zealand on public conservation land. If you are unsure about what permits and permissions are required, please visit the DOC website
The hunting of most native New Zealand wildlife is prohibited. Most native species are protected under the Wildlife Act (1953) and the maximum penalty for killing protected wildlife is a NZ$100,000 fine and up to a year in jail. Please leave our native wildlife for everyone to see and enjoy.

Hunting & Fishing flight transfers

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